Edizione in italiano 16-18 & 23-25 giugno 2023



Eden Gate It is an immersive and dramatic play experience set in the mythological atmosphere of the pioneer communities that colonized the Wild West, bringing with them Faith for the King of Life.
During the two-day game, you will experience the lives of the faithful, in a community torn between individualistic drives and the desire to protect its identity. What will you be willing to sacrifice when the stakes become too high? Will you know how to judge your Brothers and Sisters?


Eden Gate is set in a West that never quite was, but may be reminiscent of the Mormon state of Deseret in pre-statehood Utah. In the West, pioneers built a Utopia, a land of balm and virtue, regulated according to the tenets of the Faith in the King of Life. Every act, great or small, daily or extraordinary, is administered according to the uncompromising rules of the Stewardship. In this perspective, where everything has its place, the smallest of transgressions is the tainted seed of sin and ruin. The Dogs of the King of Life, gun-toting religious ministers, are the only safeguard that can stop corruption.


Eden Gate will take place at the Villaggio delle Stelle, in the town of Lusernetta, Turin (Google Maps). The venue, consisting of ancient wooden and stone houses now restored, will also be available for players as overnight accommodations. The houses and dorms will be assigned to you based on the character you play.
All meals are included and period-themed, from lunch on Saturday to the snack offered after the event.

La Forgia del Tempo
Terre Spezzate